Window (27 Karmelicka street), 1911 by S. G. Żeleński Krakow Stained Glass Workshop, Krakow, Poland

I’m still a little tired this morning, and poured my second cup of coffee. I must have left it in the kitchen, but I didn’t find it. Not in the microwave. Maybe I left it in the dining room while I was getting ready this morning. Maybe I set it down in the lab. I stomp back to the lab, I think.

There’s a quality of light through stained glass in the morning. Something about dawn, and dew, that adds a kind of clarity to it. A shining edge to the points of light you can only get at daybreak…

Singapore Giant Tree Gardens By Bay

Replacing hard-to-recycle materials in mobile phones with sustainable ones is a lot easier than it would seem. A small change in common practice could help build a sustainable, beautiful world. One more step toward the solarpunk future.

Solarpunk, if you’re not familiar, is a genre based on a possible future where humans live in balance with the environment and continue to increase our technological capability. It focuses on recycleability, sustainability, and cradle-to-cradle thinking about the machines, materials, and systems we create. An ideal system of justice that recognizes human/environmental interaction, where we realize that we are part of the world…

A memristor is a passive component like a resistor, capacitor, or inductor. It’s not widely known, as it was first postulated in the early 1970s. The concept can be boiled down to a resistor that changes resistance based on current, and has a “memory” of that resistance. When you push current one way, the resistance will rise up. You can lower it by pushing current in the opposite direction. Once it reaches 0 (or some threshold), it will then rise again. Alternatively, a memristor can become more conductive with current, returning to its resistive state when the current is reversed…

Michael E Johnson


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